Phoenix the Wonder Dog!
Her story 

Meet girl's best friend! This marvelous mutt, part chow and ??? found me March 1, 2000. It still amazes me how we met.

She could have been lying down 2 ft one way or the other in the alley and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be here now. On one side is my garage, the other side has hedges by the driveway. 

By chance I saw her through my bathroom window with the only solid view to have. She was staring right at me. I ran outside and found this poor mutt covered in feces and mud. She would not move, she just laid still and let me bring things for her to eat. It was winter and night was starting to fall. I called my sister in a panic and it came down to three choices, leave her outside to die, call animal control, or bring her in. There was no way I was leaving her outside, or calling animal control.

If a picture says a thousand words, this one depicts her condition when found. She was only 17lbs.
Special thanks to the staff at Fifth & Kenny Animal Hospital for sticking with us through the tough times. 
I remember thinking at best, I'll bring her in, feed her more food, and give her a bath (it took an hour to clean the dirt off of her). If she survived the night I'd take her to the vet first thing in the morning. Little did we know that "trip" would be two weeks of my vet scratching his head and giving her treatments with the patience of a saint. 
Her story will never be fully told, but we know she ate mud and dirt to survive, she was only 17 lbs when I found her. The combination of dirt formed a concrete substance in her stomach that took a few weeks to break down and flush out. Her will to live was an inspiration for all of us involved in her recovery.

Six months later..she is at full weight, 34 lbs and the best darn dog you could ask for! She is ALWAYS by my side and eager to learn. We're up-to: give me five, give me hug and kiss, and she sits on the dime!

I'm just a little dorky girl!
May 2000

Ah! Grasshopper! I don't want to have my picture taken. she's fat now. 
July 2000