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Is there a song inside of you?

Daryl Hall & John Oates- Sarah Smile Rich Girl John Waite-Change Eric Clapton-Somewhere Over the Rainbow Change the World

Patty Larkin-Good Thing Who Holds Your Hand Don't I'm White Banish Misfortune/Open Hand Ruby Tuesday Dear Diary You Can't Always Get...

Melissa Etheridge- Enough Of Me All the Way to Heaven Summertime Do it for the Rush Let's Get it On Mercedes Benz

Melissa Ferrick- Freedom/Dear Prudence Laid Welcome to My Life Honest Eyes Everything I Need

Fun Stuff- Grammar Lesson! Musical baby? Mullets Who Let the Dogs Out? Alien Song (download file)

Concert Pictures- Melissa Etheridge '99 Melissa Ferrick '01 Hall & Oates '01

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