"The characters in these songs (real and imagined)  are caught up in  the warp of change-the gap in the plan, the twist of fate, the lapse in judgment that alters the course.

Life does not happen in a steady stream.  There are minutes or days or years when goals become murky or disenchanting.

 We are forced to rethink things, to muster our energy and refocus our sights-to regroove, 
to  start again-to regroove the dream."

- Patty Larkin -  2000


My favorite picks:







2001 - Toledo, OH

Sounds - Riffs & Things

Open Hand/Banish Misfortune
I can't think of a  more intricate guitarist.  This is  brilliant.

Vibrato Harmonics

I absolutely adore this instrumental...the hidden track
from "Regrooving the Dream"

Angst can be a cool thing when spoken through a guitar.


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Sounds - Words & Things
Good Thing
Her vocal is sheer perfection on this song.

Wolf at the Door

This was the first song I heard that did it for me!


"The confusion of thinking for yourself...oh, yeah."

Who Holds Your Hand

"When you're alone?" -- some wicked rhythm guitar 
on this one.

I'm White

This song is  suburbia at its best...worst part is, I can relate.

Dear Diary

Hang with it..there's some awesome slide on this.

You Can't Always Get What You Want

I'll always have Toledo, July 25, 2001. Thank you 
Patty, it was honor to meet you.

Ruby Tuesday

Finally, this song was given the justice it deserves.
It makes me verklempt.

I stumbled upon a copy of "Perishable Fruit" a  few summers ago. Within a matter of weeks,  I bought ALL of Patty's back catalog.

As a writer, she's tough to beat. From a wicked sense of  humor to stories of  the familiar and not so familiar...she will take you on a captivating musical journey through each recording. 

I think she's a guitarist's, guitarist as well. Technically,  she's freakin' brilliant.
She creates sounds your ears have probably never ever heard before. 

I've put up a few Real Audio files in hopes that you may like what you hear and pick up a CD, or two, or three. 

-- Cin

2003 Red=Luck
Tour Sounds

Town Crier Cafe
Pawling, NY
September 27, 2003

 Beg to Differ 

 Requests (whoo hoo! I got mine!)


 Ruby Tuesday