Bobblehead's Big Adventure!
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I will fondly remember this summer as one of the best in my life thus far.  Who would've thunk every artist I  so dearly love would be on tour, but as luck would have it and a high Visa limit to spend - I shot the wad and had the time of my life! The best phrases to encourage you in these situations...You only live once! and dammit,  I'm going to have fun doing it!"

May 25 - Time to see boys...Hall & Oates. The Auction Board of Directors surprised me at sign off with a pair tickets. I love you guys! Anyhoo, what should have been an outdoor show was moved to the Ohio Theater (my favorite Columbus venue) due to weather. I managed to grab fourth row seats, a few photos and my first Hall & Oates boot.
After 30 years of being fan... I still have a thing for Daryl that's unmatched.

July 25, Toledo, Ohio marked my first road trip to catch Patty Larkin.  She has quickly become one of my favorite all around musicians.  My first stroke of luck was going backstage to meet her after the performance. All decked out in her orange leather pants, it's a moment I will fondly cherish She was as gracious in person as any of her writings would indicate. I can't wait for her headlining show November 9 in Cleveland!  Fourth row baby!

July 28, Polaris Amphitheater marks another great show with my first  musical love...James Taylor.
I've been a fan since 1970 beginning at the tender age of seven. Thanks mommy!

On to New York/New Jersey!

August 8, Hoboken, NJ- Maxwells to see Melissa Ferrick.  Another performer that I have the utmost respect for as a person and a musician. We would arrive (after looking for parking for 30 mins) to a blackout Again, as luck would have it... the show went on only with a slight delay after power was restored. We were treated to one of the best versions of "Drive" I've ever heard and Melissa and Brian were ON! Here's a killer version of "Hold On". Melissa also also had a  little rant regarding talkers and ticket prices that was quite funny.

August 10, Rockefeller Plaza - Th eToday Show to start off my  very Melissa Etheridge journey. I remember when we first arrived at the Plaza thinking of my dad. He had a severe crush on Katie Couric and would've been ecstatic  to see what would transpire once the broadcast went live.  Again, as luck would've have it, I met up on-line with an Etheridge lister prior to me leaving Columbus.  Since she was arriving at 2am, she said she would save Lisa and I spot Well, little did I know that spot would be right in front at the barricade in front on the stage.. Bitey, you have my undying gratitude!

We couldn't have been there more than 15 mins when Melissa came out for a sound check around 5:45am I can't begin to verbalize just how surreal that scene was I mean,  I'm still in awe of just being on The Plaza and there she is. it was just mind blowing.  It didn't matter I had NO coffee in system as sheer adrenaline would carry me through the next three days.

So...we're live! I had no expectation of what would happen before Melissa's live performance. All morning long our section of the barricade was neglected However, I did get the last incredible edible egg doll passed out in our section.<g>  Melissa's bio segment is on-air when lo and behold...out she comes! To our section! To sign autographs!  I was absolutely floored!  I had on my MD player and manage to capture the stupidest question I could've asked -"Will you be playing "Heal Me"? DOH!  I meant to say Columbus, I really did!  I'm on cloud ninety nine after we leave the plaza Stacey was gracious  enough to give Lisa and I copies of all the pictures she took. But wait, there's more!

We get to Lisa's  mom's house and she says "You guys are ALL over the show, especially Cindy". Yippeee! I had no idea what that meant until we watched it OMG! going into commercial break...there we are, Melissa is signing my stuff! I just about fell off the couch!  Suffice it to say, it was the only thing I could find to watch on television for the rest of the day The nickname "Bobblehead Boehmer" was bestowed upon me after my TV debut, justifiably so!  Anyhoo, when I arrive home, one of my PBS friends Mike left the best surprise on my hard drive He painstakingly went through the Today Show video and did still grabs of all my Melissa moments.  Mike...a big smooch to you!

August 11- City Center - NY. I'm still flying high from the day before but eagerly anticipating our first show I've waited a long 12 years for Melissa to appear solo acoustic so I'm salivating at the thought of the show. We went out to the back of the venue hoping to catch a glimpse of Melissa While that was a no go, we would run into Katherine Litman who is doing a documentary for "Bravo"  on Melissa. I would come to find out Katherine does a show for PBS (we don't carry "In the Life") but we talked about that and her upcoming documentary. This was just the beginning of encounters to follow.

We finally walk into the venue and people started walking up to me to say hi Yes, my Bobbleheadishness from The Today Show made it easy to spot me Doh! However, I finally had a chance to meet Darlene from our list One of the coolest things was finally meeting people you have read, or talked with over the past 2 years.  Funniest moment was when Lisa said "Cin, I want you to meet Tracy.. you know..Taztra something at AOL". Oddly enough, I knew who she was referring to.  <g> In addition, I finally got to me Kate, a friend of my boot partner Dunia.

After being completely BLOWN AWAY by Melissa's performance, she far exceeded what I thought she would do - we went out back to see if we could catch a glimpse at the backstage door before she left. We watched Meg Ryan and her entourage load in one van...and "poof" out came Melissa with her arm around Tammy and whisked her into their van.  and that concludes show one, minus a billion other details.

August 12 - City Center -NY, We came into the city early to meet some friends of Lisa for dinner.  Well, this ended up being a trip! Seven of us met up. 4 straight chicks, 3 gay chicks Funniest comment came from Kris as we arrived at the restaurant. "How should we sit? Gay, straight, gay straight?"  I  knew then, these strangers whom I just met would be friends for some time to come We all bonded during dinner and I asked we all do a picture in front of City Center. I fondly call it "Guess who's gay". You'll be wrong no one has guess ed properly yet! Another stellar performance by Melissa I might add It was great meeting more folks as the night evolved I found Kate and asked her if I could talk with Dune on her cell phone. She dialed and next thing I know, I'm talking to my boot partner of the last 8mns. IT was so cool to finally hear her voice Um Dune, why didn't we think of that sooner? <g>'re next!

To the NYC girls  posse - CA, Deb, Lisa, Stacey, Jennifer and Kris...thank you so much for pointing out "equal" IS better than "sweet n' lo".  I've converted now...only sweetners though, nothing else! <g>

August 13 - time to leave and this couldn't have ended on a higher note Lisa and I were kinda stunned at how well we got along and what a kick ass time we had together I think we were both sad to see it all end Just as we pull up to the drop off at Newark Airport,  a radio interview with Melissa on WPLJ come on. We listened to the whole thing and that was my my NJ send off back to Ohio.  Lisa, your mom is a sweetheart and I will be back to see the NYC posse soon!

The Motor City

August 26- Detroit Opera House. Two weeks fly by and vrooooom! I'm in Detroit with my best friend Jodi.  Our funniest moment was wanting to clobber each other in the car over our MapQuest directions. We're all the way in Detroit and the exit information is wrong. Off the freeway...on the freeway (we did this five times!), my bright idea  had us in a turn-around to try to find the right exit again.  I turn the car around, we're at a traffic light (still bickering over who's wrong cuz Jodi and I have this need to be right thing with each other <g>) and...

TAP! TAP! on my car window. There is a lady yelling at us NOT to shoot  her and asked if I'd roll down my window I have NO CLUE what I was thinking, but I actually roll down my window. "Ma 'am...please don't shoot me! Since 11am folks have threatened to shoot me I just need $4.90 for lunch, I'm pregnant..see" (she proceeds to pull up her shirt and show us an old C section scar) "I just need $4.90 can I have a cigarette"? At his point I'm thinking Oh Shit! She's gonna pull a gun on us I'm devising a getaway plan in my head I reached in my pocket, gave her $2 and shot out of their like a bat outta hell when the light changed.

Of course, we're still lost It was almost sooooo bad, I was willing to purposely get a traffic ticket so we could have a cop come to our car We drove around "the hood" for awhile, then we FINALLY made it tothe venue Whhhhhhhhhew! We killed some time by the baseball stadium and walked back to the venue.

Melissa was doing a meet and greet with the HRC - about 40 folks were in the lobby to attend Once they were done with their announcement, I turn around and lo and behold...there's Kay & Les!  We chatted for a few minutes and by dumb luck, met back in the venue as our seats were almost directly in back of each other.  One last funny footnote to Detroit. I could see the lady next to Jodi was drunk, so I  offer her a copy of the boot if she promises to be quiet She agrees..after we strike this understanding, the lady in front of me turns around and says "She makes a damn good boot. I  know who you are. I'm on the list, my name is Pam". Heh..I could've died laughing Later Pam would help me move away from the other drunk seated next me It truly was a labor of love making this recording IMO, Detroit Rocks since you all were so quiet during the show! <g>

The Windy City

August 28- Chicago Theater - I flew in and patiently wait at the gate to meet up with ML and Kris Hmmmm, I've seen pictures, I shoul d be able to spot them.  After I'm convinced they aren't there..I start walking to the main terminal. Ah ha! There they are! What's funny is Kris spotted me before ML did!  We then proceed to "The Heart of Chicago" known as hotel hell.  Interesting AC set up they had there. Next to your AC until was a big furnance filter nailed to the ceiling. We killed about 1/2hr and off to dinner to meet Kare.

After the poor waiter informs us he can make a pizza with toppings down to the 1/4 of the pizza..we take him up on it! As we were waiting for our pie, ML called Linda in the UK. Now, Linda is one of my dearest favorite people from the list  (and in real life too) and the one I thank for turning me onto Melissa Ferrick.  I can't wait to say Hi to LindyLoo!  ML hands me the phone, Linda speaks and her accent coupled with a cell phone just had me lost I asked her to slow down.. I catch the first few words then we lose our signal since I have mics and batteries all over me ready to boot the show.  Doh!

We get to the venue with 5 mins to spare..all is well, until I reach my seat Somehow...screaming yelling girl is RIGHT behind me. She shot out my ears within 5 mins of the show After 40mins, I politely turned around and asked her NOT to yell in my ears anymore...she laughed at me. I proceeded to block her view for the rest of the show You will find her vocal stylings on the Chicago boot<g> I'm pretty sure she had an orgasm during "Im the Only One"

We get back to hotel hell (Kare comes back over to meet us) and we discover one of my mic cords broke I'm devastated, but feeling hopeful.  Sure enough, we can split the sound..or so we thought ML and I stay up until 1am thinking we have one disc out to the truck to hear a lovely hummm for a 60 min CD The upshot was...we could get to bed by 2am since we all had to get up at 6am.  Doh!!  And my last Chicago story...

The Hotel is located on a very busy strip of road I discovered that from around 3am on with Harley wake up calls racing by frequently At 6am, I think screw it..I'll get up and take a shower.  Water is the right temp...and I'm ready But, no water is coming out of the shower head?!? Hmmm, maybe I'm doing something wrong, so I turn up the water Alrighty, about 20 drops of water are coming out and  I proceed with what is the longest shower I've taken in my life.  I told ML "You and Kris  may have well spit on my hair and it would've been faster" A trip to the limited continental breakfast for two dixie cups of coffee and a  scenic trip to Midway airport and off I am, back home, to go to Cleveland.

Cleveland Rocks!

August 29 - The Grog Shop - Cleveland - Melissa Ferrick While in Hoboken I had asked Jen if I could get my guitar signed at this gig I also had an awesome surprise to pull on Linda. That didn't  pan out in the long run..but the after show was incredible! But first...let's review some other things!

I drove to Cleveland with another Ferrickhead, Ann - that lives about 6 blks from me.  Mind you...I've no sleep to speak of, but I'm driving! We met up with a couple of Linda's friends, CJ and Alex We were severely late for dinner after getting really lost for about 45 mins, but everything worked out just fine.  Cj and I have been writing emails regarding Marie Wilson, a performer I was going to try to book in Columbus (for Darlene), but had no luck.  So, we  weren't complete strangers. We're eating..and she says so innocently "So, you're in the family?"  I  know I had this perplexed look on my face, for some reason I thought she was asking if Ann and I were related <g> Ann chimed in and said "no, she' s not" and then I died laughing as I realized what family she was referring to.  Cj and I laughed a little longer since she's now accounting all my emails when the question was semi raised. For clarification, I just don't care who anyone sleeps with. Just be happy and make sure whoever it is,  is treating you well. to the Grog!  Everything seemed just fine until the show started About 6 people came in late and made their way to where we were big deal.  Melissa hits the stage and the talkative 6 begin. They are so loud, at times they are talking over Melissa and Brian and I've got a speaker over my head Somehow I/we endure this for 1 1/2hrs then I hit my breaking point We had all discussed wanting to hear "I still Love You" at dinner and Melissa is playing it!  Since one chick totally ruined a rare treat of "Little Love"  I thought, I'm saying something Well, you listen to this file and tell  me what you think. I've now dubbed this "A fight at the Ok Coral"  - if there was  ever one moment to capture on audio, this may have to be it! <g>

After the show, we took a group picture of our little Ohio posse and I ran out to the car to get my guitar When I return, Ann informs me about 8 Ferrick listers  had surrounded me during "the incident" and were ready to protect my honor <g> Anyhoo, Jen grabs me and we go back to meet Melissa. This was THE coolest thing. she took the time to talk with us and we covered a lot of ground! We then had a few photos taken of Me, Jen, Melissa and Brian and it was the PERFECT send off to our drive home We got to Columbus at 2:45am and I can't begin to tell you how happy I was knowing I could get some sleep By 4am I 7:45 am, Lisa called! Oh well, that's what this labor day weekend was for..Sleep!


September 4 - off to Atlanta! - I'm meeting my best "lurker" friend from the list <g>, PatYippee! Did we have a good time!  Pat has a crazy freind from high school (ME concert virgin too) and we got along just great. My first real adventure was Atlanta airport <g> Doh! I forgot  how fun that place can be, but I shant linger.

We did the "Underground" thang. While at the "Tourist Center" a gentleman approached Laura. He was "Welcoming us to the city"  - ya know.. "here are some postcards...that will be $5"  kinda welcome. She politely said "no" and he responded with...(I swear, I'm not making this up) "I have a nice tongue and I can do things we with it. I'm very coordinated with it, wanna see? Can I show you?"  LMFAO! He kept right on talking as we walked in. Yes, "Welcome to Atlanta". <g> If he only knew.

As you read on the list and have heard with your own ears, the concert was just  awesome!  I uploaded a couple of files,  "The Letting Go" and my show stoppin' favorite "Chrome Plated Heart" just in case you missed the posts.  my new pal  Lida <g> has converted all the real audio files you find on this page for download on her site in form of MP3's. So, don't ask me, there it is...Lida has them! <g> Deb also has these on the ME Chat regulars site as well.

One last funny Atlanta story. We had missed dinner prior to the show, so we went to get a pizza around midnight. I find this guy out front of the hotel and ask him where we can go..he informs me, Pappa John's is still open and gave me directions. So... we all pile up in Pat's car and go. Well, we must have crossed the tracks <g> Laura and I volunteer to enter Pappa John's.Um, there's about 8 rather large men and the two of us waiting. After we order, we walk outside the door for a smoke.

We just light up and a guy walks over and  asked us for food. We told him we just ordered and didn't have any, Laura gave him $5 and a smoke. Two seconds later..2nd homeless guy walks up. Um, we've only smoked for one minute or so <g> But, he has a copy of  (I kid you not) "Homeless Times" for our donation. Think about that for a minute... I couldn't help but wonder what was covered in this publication. Yes, I'm evil, but you must admit, it's funny in an odd way. I mean, what could be in there? Decorating tips for your sidewalk? Best soup lines? Whaaaaaaaa? <g> We passed on giving him money since all we had were $10's. We LOAO as he approached Pat and PK in the car.

Parting was bittersweet in Atlanta. It's the end of  this leg of the tour for meI'd love to do nothing more than to keep meeting up with friends I've made through past 2 years. But alas, I'm all out  of vacation and hope not to flip out when the Visa bill comes  in <g>

Oh, I'm getting that question a lot and haven't had time to answer people. I work for a local PBS member station. No, I don't make a lot of money by any means. I just learned the hard way, life is short. and as we all know, we'll always have bills to pay. The only regret  I would've had  was NOT going and having the time of my life.

West coast would've been killer though, and I wish all of you going, a wonderful time!

If Melissa ends up swinging through Columbus, party at my house and you're all invited! <g>

Before I go...a few stats to know to share:
Miles flown or driven around 3000
Batteries - 24 <g>
Microphones - 2
Bras stretched out from "my box" - 2
Lurkers I met on the road - 12
Altercations with obnoxious fans - 2
Money given to the homeless in a few cities, about $20
Times I thought we'd be shot - 3
Following this tour, meeting friends and emails from you all...priceless!

© 2001